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Generation 2015 – 26x Dutch Talent


The 21st of January 2015 MOAM presents the fastest multi-disciplinary exhibition ever: Generation 2015 at Looiersgracht 60. A unique platform for 26 young creatives, specialized in the fields of 3D art and graphic design and from photography to fashion. An unpolished reflection of the creative zeitgeist of the year 2015. 

By taking the first letter of the participants’ last names we connected them to the alphabet. This letter will function as the source of inspiration for their work. Besides that Generation 2015 gives all the participant complete artistic freedom. We want to show the true vision of our participants and the broad horizon of contemporary art. 

Generation 2015 will be the fastest pop-up exhibition ever held in the Netherlands, accessible to the public for no longer than three hours, in the centre of Amsterdam. Initiator Martijn Nekoui; “Not only the content but also the time-span of the exhibition reflects this new generation. They are used to speed; three hours can even feel like a lifetime. But this is exactly long enough to highlight the talents of Generation 2015.”

Participants Generation 2015:
Anthonisse, Gino / Bauer, Kevin / Cos, Roland / Dongen, Teresa van / Esch, Milou van / Forrer, Sarah / Griffioen, Danny / Hoek, Judith van den / Ingen, Gabi van / Jacobs, Carlijn / Kars, Vincent Boy / Laan, Roos / Monté, Isaac / Nagel, Leslie / Orlikowska, Anna / Puipaité, Marija / Quint, Manouk / Rossen, Wessel / Strikwerda, Jesse / Tangelder, Linde Freya / Uytenbroek, Jess / Vries, Mandy Vera de / Wang, Wendy / X Marc O’Polo / Yoshikawa, Aime / Zalinge, Tess van 

To support the participants and the concept, MOAM has found partners in Marc O’ Polo, HTNK and Belvedere Vodka. These parties contribute in the development of young creative talent and helped realise a platform for Generation 2015. Marc O’Polo: “Talent, Creativity and Innovation – Marc O’Polo appreciates the opportunity to support Generation 2015.” Mariette Hoitink: “HTNK sees the future talents of the Dutch design industry in these 26 participants.” Belvedere: “Belvedere is as premium Vodka brand a natural fit with Generation 2015 as it is a unique, creative and spirited platform.”
Next to them ‘de Modefabriek’ has become a partner in the realisation of the concept as well. 

Generation 2015 curated by MOAM 
Looiersgracht 60 in Amsterdam
Wednesday the 21st of January 2015 from 18.00 until 21.00 
Drinks by Belvedere VodkaWARSTEINER NederlandMARIE-STELLA-MARIS en Fever-Tree NL.

MOAM is a multi-disciplinary platform that connects young creative talent to iconic names of the Dutch fashion industry; MOAM has worked with Viktor&Rolf, Frans Molenaar, Hema, Doutzen Kroes, FOAM and de Bijenkorf.

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