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Working at Köster

Most of our clients are business owners that set themselves high standards and a single goal: success. And preferably as soon as possible. Our lawyers are therefore expected to become fully-fledged sparring partners and allies for our clients by creatively and pro-actively contributing ideas. Resourcefulness and the ability to cut through complex issues are key.

We set great store by the continuous development of our lawyers, in the form of specialist training and postgraduate courses.

Our firm is of a size that allows a pleasant and personal working environment. We welcome young people and specialists who can contribute to the success of our firm. We are hard-working, committed and ambitious professionals.

We enjoy our work, but are well aware that there’s more to life than work alone. We realise that a sound work/life balance is essential to both the firm and its employees and are therefore open to part-time work.

Please send an email to Lotte Vuylsteke if you would like to hear more.