Rutger Middendorf

“What attracts me so much in the sports world is the fanaticism and the focus with which people aim for their goals.”

Rutger Middendorf specialises in corporate law. He acts as a connecting advisor in that field. Rutger focuses in particular on mergers and acquisitions, and on a company’s structure and organisation.

In light of his background in sports, Rutger also works in in the field of sports law. He focuses mainly on governance and regulations, aimed at the management of sports associations. Rutger’s experience at the Bloemendaal first division amateur football club has taught him the highs and lows of the world of sport. As in top-level sports, he works hard to achieve his clients’ goals by creating the best possible circumstances. Rutger: “As a lawyer I am as motived to win as a sportsman”.

Rutger Middendorf has been a lawyer since 1982. He set up his own firm in 1989, which merged with Köster in 2001. Rutger is a committee member of several sports organisations, such as the Royal Dutch Skating Association, Hockey Club Bloemendaal and SportSupport.


Rutger in short

Job title: Lawyer | Partner

Expertise: Corporate law and sports law

DNA: Organised and connecting advisor; sound representative with integrity

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