Myrthe Steenhuis

“As a lawyer, I am practical, clear and to the point. That allows my clients to see light at the end of the franchise law tunnel.”

Myrthe Steenhuis specialises in employment law and franchise law. These two areas of the law differ significantly, but also overlap: the employer-employee relationship is very similar to that between a franchisor and a franchisee. Myrthe: “Those two parties are unequal by definition, which often gives rise to conflicts”.

Myrthe is primarily involved in helping her clients professionalise their franchise organisations. She advises, litigates and negotiates in all areas that form an integral part of franchises, such as forecasting issues, non-compete clauses, leases and competition law issues.

Myrthe Steenhuis organises courses for franchisees in cooperation with LLM Legal. She is also the chair of the Central Fast Food Service Agency foundation and a member of the Dutch Employment Lawyers Association (VAAN).

Myrthe in short

  • Job title: Lawyer | Partner

  • Expertise: Franchise law and employment law

  • DNA: Dedicated, resourceful advisor with a sense of humour

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