Lucia van Leeuwen

“When I worked in the Zuidas district I realised what I was missing: direct contact with the business owners. I have that at Köster.”

Lucia van Leeuwen has been a lawyer since 2011, specialising in procedural law and intellectual property law (IP). Lucia is broadly educated and worked for several large firms, including a bank, during her studies. At the start of her studies, she wanted to become a judge. But when she had to defend a note that she herself had written before Ybo Buruma (currently a Supreme Court judge), it became apparent that she was cut out for the law profession: persuasive and sharp-tongued.

After her studies, Lucia wanted to join a firm where she would receive excellent training and would work for prestigious clients. She started to work as a lawyer at Köster in 2011. Five years later, Lucia had the opportunity of focussing on and specialising in international IP at DLA Piper, where she formed part of the Intellectual Property & Technology practice group. Having gained that experience, she returned to Köster in 2018.

Lucia completed the Dutch and International Contracting postgraduate course at the Grotius Academy with distinction in 2016. She is a member of the Association for the Protection of Copyright and the Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI). Throughout her training period she was closely involved in the Young Bar Association in the province of Noord-Holland, also as a committee member.

Outside work, Lucia is a sports enthusiast. She gets extra satisfaction out of training with a blind runner as a buddy at the Running Blind Foundation. Lucia is also a member of the Ladies’ Circle 23 (the Cogge Rondte, West-Friesland region), a service club for women who work for various charities.


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Job title: Lawyer

Expertise: Intellectual property law and procedural law

DNA: Sharp, fast and enthusiastic

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