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“My role as a cassation lawyer also covers the stage before Supreme Court proceedings; I regularly study cases together with the lawyers at an early stage of the proceedings already.”

Litigation before the Supreme Court is a specialist area to which Johan den Hoed has dedicated himself for over ten years. His love for this field started at the Supreme Court research department, where he dealt with a wide range of cases. Out of all the areas of the law in which he advises his clients, liability law is his favourite.

Johan has been involved as a lawyer in a number of prominent Supreme Court proceedings. A successful appeal to the Supreme Court requires not only an ingenious approach, but also the ability to properly understand court judgments. Johan realises that his work experience in the judiciary is essential in this regard. He acquired a great deal of knowledge regarding the manner in which the District Court and the Court of Appeal arrive at their decisions. “I still profit on a daily basis from this unique combination of work experience.”

After studying Dutch law, Johan gained broad experience as a member of the research department and as an assistant judge at the Supreme Court, and as a senior cassation lawyer at BarentsKrans. He writes columns for the legal magazine Mr. and is a member of several associations, such as the Association of Civil Cassation Lawyers (VCCA), the Dutch Lawyers Association (NJV), the Association of Liability and Compensation Law (VAS) and the Dutch Association for Procedural Law (NVvP). He enjoys listening to Bach cantatas at home.

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Job title: Cassation lawyer

Expertise: Procedural law, cassation law and liability law

DNA: Dedicated and creative; astute and analytical

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