Jan Jaap van Deventer


“The hands-on mentality and highly practical nature of insolvency law suit me. I enjoy tackling issues.”

Jan Jaap van Deventer has 22 years’ experience as a lawyer and a trustee. Making companies financially healthy is his key focus in the Corporate Law practice group. He uses all available legal tools to help companies get ahead, also when they’re facing difficult times. His approach is practical, single-minded and result-oriented.

Jan Jaap has a keen eye for the opportunities within an organisation and for the people with whom he can bring them to fruition. Jan Jaap: “These characteristics allow me to coach my clients in the rationalisation process”. He takes his clients by the hand and guides them through the various options. That way he helps his clients themselves to identify issues, to learn from them and thereby to assume responsibility for their decisions.

Jan Jaap van Deventer has been a partner at Köster since 1999. His focused perseverance is also in evidence outside work, when he takes part in the Iron Man Triathlons.


Jan Jaap in short

Job title: Lawyer | Partner

Expertise: Insolvency law and corporate law

DNA: Resolute out-of-the-box thinker; sparring partner for businesses

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  • vandeventer@kadv.nl

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