Jacob-Jan Dijkman

“As a lawyer, I prefer telling my clients what is possible, rather than what isn’t.”

Jacob-Jan Dijkman has worked as a lawyer since 2011, specialising in procedural law, law of contract and insolvency law. He litigates in the field of disputes regarding the preparation, performance, dissolution (ontbinding), termination, conditions and duration of contracts. His thorough knowledge of insolvency law also allows him to deal with insolvency issues, such as officers’ and directors’ liability.

Jacob-Jan temporarily left the legal profession between 2018 and 2020, working as legal counsel for Lidl GmbH and GrandVision N.V. during that period. His experience in trade and industry helps him to quickly understand the issues facing a company and what needs to be done to achieve results.

After gaining valuable experience in trade and industry, Jacob-Jan ultimately missed the dynamics of the legal profession: the contact with clients, the hearings, the solving of legal problems and, of course, the winning of cases for his clients. As a litigation lawyer at Köster, he is therefore the right man in the right place.

Jacob-Jan graduated in Dutch law from the University of Amsterdam and in 2018 completed the Grotius specialist course in Dutch and International Contracting. In 2016, he also completed the Insolvency Law for Trustees specialist course. Jacob-Jan was an active member of the Bar Association of Noord-Holland, also as chair, during his time at university.

Jacob-Jan in short

Job Title: Lawyer

Expertise: Litigation law, law of contract and insolvency law

DNA: Positive, result-oriented and persistent

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