Ajay Heidsma

“To me, the appeal of employment law is the playing field of divergent interests and the dynamics of the rapid succession of developments in this area of the law.”

Ajay Heidsma works as a legal assistant for the Employment Law and Flexible Employment Relationships teams. After working as a student trainee at Köster Advocaten, he decided to take his first steps in the legal profession there. His fresh viewpoint allows him to critically assess traditional practice in order to arrive at innovative and modern-day solutions. Ajay’s interests are primarily in the field of employer issues, employee participation disputes and the modern forms of triangular relationships.

Ajay obtained a bachelor’s degree in law and a master’s degree in employment law at the University of Amsterdam. He wrote his master’s thesis on the works council’s statutory right of inquiry. During his studies he acted as a board member of one of the largest student societies in the Netherlands. He furthermore worked as a student assistant in the employment law and social security law chair group at the University of Amsterdam. In that latter position Ajay also published in ArbeidsRecht, among other journals.

Ajay in short

Job title: Paralegal
Expertise: Flexible employment relationships; individual and collective employment law
DNA: Realistic, resolute and goal-oriented.

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