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The rules governing flexible employment relationships must be strictly observed. The dynamics between the three parties make things just that little bit different. Our clients in this sector are always the intermediaries. We advise across the entire spectrum of flexible work: from payrolling to placement; from secondment to contracting.

The Flexible Employment Team advises hundreds of secondment, placement and payrolling companies about the strategic implementation of legislation and regulations. Regulations are particularly important in the employment agency sector, in which work and employment law are the key elements. We help you offer your customers added value, so that you, as the intermediary, can provide expertise and come up with solutions.

As your company’s sparring partner, we help to devise the best possible legal and practical solutions. We support your company by translating the complex legislation and regulations in the flexible labour market into specific advice about collective agreements, pensions and specific employment legislation. We help with its strategic implementation by converting the rules into processes, training employees and continuously sparring with the person in charge at your company.

New legislation and regulations also offer opportunities. We draw your attention to them, are involved in the development of regulations and actively contribute to the scientific discussion of temporary employment relationships. We monitor all developments on the flexible labour market on a daily basis and inform our clients of relevant issues.

The acquisition and sale of companies in this sector form part of our daily work. We help you analyse the business to be purchased and bring the business to be sold in order.

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