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The fashion industry has been our playing field for many years. We know it like the back of our hand. Our experience has provided us with in-depth knowledge of the dynamic fashion industry and a thorough understanding of the legal advice required in that sector. Our clients include Dutch and international fashion brands, established and emerging designers, manufacturers, private label suppliers, commercial agents, distributors, retailers, franchisors and franchisees.

We assist our clients from the creation of an initial design or the introduction of a fashion collection or brand, including its registration and protection, to the enforcement – both in and out of court – of a design or brand. Our advice and legal assistance are characterised by determination, creativity and quality – to make fashion work!

And our legal assistance does not stop at advice or legal action: we go further. We translate disputes into lessons learned and keep our clients informed of current legal developments by means of workshops and courses on intellectual property rights in fashion.

We also regularly publish columns and articles in FashionUnited and Sport Partner.

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