At Köster we focus on three sectors in particular. We have in-depth knowledge of those sectors and learn more about them on a daily basis. We monitor developments, translate them into practical opportunities and conduct thorough research. Business owners in those sectors consider us the top partner to work with.

ICT & Privacy

Starting soon with a webshop? Developing a new app? Or are you in the start-up phase of the development of a nice piece of software? Does your organisation make software available via the cloud to various customers and do you want to conquer the world? Do you want to know what the situation is with the processing of personal data in light of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)? Or is your ICT project not going as hoped? Our ICT, e-commerce and privacy team is ready to assist you, whatever phase you are in.


With at least three parties involved, flexible employment relationships are more complicated than traditional employer-employee relationships. Moreover, there is still relatively little case law in this area. After all, the Work and Security Act (WWZ), which provides a legal framework for flexible employment relationships, only came into effect a few years ago.


The world of fashion has been our playground for many years. These years of experience ensure that we know exactly what is going on in the fashion world and what legal advice in the fashion sector involves. Our clients include major fashion brands, established and emerging designers, manufacturers, private label suppliers, commercial agents, distributors, retailers, franchisors and franchisees.