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Litigation should be left to specialists. Our litigation lawyers are experts in conflict resolution for entrepreneurs. We resolve disputes in and around the company. We do this with specialist knowledge, bundled with years of litigation experience. Strong on content and in procedural technology. We quickly grasp all opportunities and possible strategies. Our analysis makes the difference between winning or losing and the decision whether or not to reach a settlement.

Doing business involves taking risks. Escalations are inevitable. We take the dispute off your hands and resolve it. We do so with a no-nonsense approach, cost-efficiently and with a natural drive to win. We litigate hard if we have to and we prevent disputes where we can. But the interests of entrepreneurs always come first.

Whereas proceedings are often an incident for an entrepreneur, we see the bigger picture. No matter how the dispute arose, there is often a lesson to be learned for the organisation. Our litigation team therefore works closely together with other teams in order to translate these lessons into practical tools for your company.

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