Intellectual property law

Intellectual property law

Your company’s creations are key to its success. Our Intellectual Property Law Team helps you protect those creations. If you have designed a product or launched a service, you will want to know to what extent your property rights can be protected. We can answer that question before you launch a new design, use a trade name or trademark, or market a new slogan.

Sound advice is clear, specific and always custom-made. We therefore thoroughly analyse your situation and answer your questions: How can I best protect my creations and investments? How strong is the legal position of my design or trademark? And can it be protected? We are pleased to advise on these points and many others.

Once your idea is ready to be introduced to the market, the agreements in question must be carefully recorded. Our team has extensive experience of drawing up a wide range of contracts. We can help you, for instance, with shop-in-shop agreements, licence agreements, supply agreements, agency agreements, distribution agreements, franchise agreements, service agreements, cooperation agreements and non-disclosure agreements. No matter whether the contract is brief and concise, or comprehensive and detailed: we listen to your wishes and deliver custom-made work.

If your design is copied, if your trademark is used without permission or if you are accused of counterfeiting, you will need to act fast. You can rely on us in that case also. We will negotiate with the other party or take it to court. We will help you resolve any intellectual property dispute, no matter what.

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