Litigation is a craft. It requires the art to put the position of the client in the best possible way in court. That is not easy. This requires a thorough knowledge of the (procedural) law and wide experience. You will find that knowledge and experience in the Litigation Practice Group.

Our litigation practice group is dedicated to resolving commercial disputes in various jurisdictions. These are disputes in contract law (eg, agency, distribution, franchise and sales), but also liability issues, the collection of claims and seizures.

Litigation is not an end in itself. It is a tool for getting justice when settling is not a possibility. The most important thing is to act decisively and get to a solution.

Our lawyers are in the right place when they are in the courtroom. They guarantee a high level of expertise and experience when it comes to merits, interim relief proceedings and appeal procedures, both domestically and abroad.

Also, our attorneys are familiar with arbitration, mediation and binding advisory procedures.

Except for litigation you can also contact the Litigation Practice Group for quality advise in your legal and process opportunities.