IT, Internet en Privacy

IT, Internet en Privacy


The developments in the world of IT, Internet and privacy are being made rapidly. The IT specialists Köster Advocaten monitor these developments closely and know that translate into solutions that do justice to your interests. Legally in a practical and efficient way We are thereby deal makers, not deal breakers.

We negotiate and establish the IT contracts for our clients. We ensure that the agreements drawn up by us do justice to the interests and ensure the successful implementation of the IT project. We assist both buyers and suppliers of IT services so that we know what is important on both sides and play.

Advising and contracting

We have extensive experience and expertise in drafting and negotiating:

- ASP and SAAS contracts

- End User Agreements

- Reseller Agreements

- Software license agreements

- Service Level Agreements (SLA)

- Maintenance Agreements

- Terms & Conditions

- Purchase and sale agreements for hardware

- Contracts for customized software

- Contracts for building websites

- Distribution agreements

- Hosting Agreements

- Non-disclosure agreements

- Cloud Contracts


Nothing is more annoying than an IT project fails or if there is not delivered what was agreed so that the continuity of your business is at risk. Is this a case of we can try to resolve the dispute through settlement negotiations or mediation. If that fails we will sue you for the maximum result.

Internet & E-commerce

The Internet and electronic contracting has become an integral part of our society. What is and what is not online?

For you as an entrepreneur is a good website or web shop of great importance. Specific rules apply. Operate a website and web shop We are happy to advise you on how you can apply to your website or web shop. Applicable legislation in a practical way Want to know if your site meets these rules? We can run a specially developed "website compliance check 'for you.

We can also general sales and delivery terms of use social platforms, disclaimers and privacy statements establish that you can use on your website and we advise you regularly on electronic contracts and the value of the digital signature, which is permitted in the area of ​​applied and unsolicited communications.

Furthermore, we can investigate for you or your chosen domain name is still available and that you do not infringe the trademark and / or trade name rights of third parties. We also advise on protecting your own website and SEO and brand usage.


By (among others) the rapid development of social media, e-commerce, and cloud computing is the importance of protecting privacy in all walks of life experienced getting stronger.

The basis of the protection of personal data can be found in the Data Protection Act (WBP). The Data Protection Act provides that any processing of personal data must comply with strict criteria. A processing of personal data in addition, soon there. The processing of personnel or customer data (unasked) sending newsletters, marketing, measurement and recording of visitors to a website, the exchange of information in health care are all processing of personal data.

Personal data may in principle be collected when you have informed the person concerned before about your identity and the purposes of the processing and it has to process the data. Approval only So you have a disclosure requirement. The use of cookies is subject to regulations (Telecommunications).

Due to all these rules, it is important that the policies and procedures of your organization with regard to the processing of personal connection here. The Dutch Data Protection Authority sees as supervisor to ensure compliance with these rules and may impose penalties for violations and proceed to publication of his findings.

We have extensive experience and expertise in:

- The preparation and then roll out a privacy policy

   for your organization;

- Advise testing and how your

   organization meets the privacy regulations;

- Drafting a privacy and cookie regulations;

- Making good contractual agreements under

   of the right to privacy with third parties engaged by you;

- Assisting in legal proceedings, such as when the

   Protection Board (the regulator)

   enforcement action or dispute with the person who

   you process data (such as a customer or a staff member);

- Advising on and think along with the privacy issues surrounding the

   development of new products and services;

- Drafting a social media policy.