Intellectual property law

Intellectual property law

On the subject Intellectual property law Köster Advocaten has relevant knowledge to give you effective advice and guidance when litigating in the areas of copyright, trademark, trade name law, design law, unfair competition, expertise, advertising, press publications, internet and media law.

We have extensive experience and expertise in:

- Copyright and related rights

- Databases

Design & Fashion

- Entertainment

- Know-how and goodwill protection

- Merchandise, sponsorships and promotions

- Marks, trade names and domain names

- Models and slavish imitation

- Patents

- Illegal (press) publications and reputation management

- Unfair competition

- Advertising, sponsorship and labeling (including labeling,

   standardization and Commodities issues)

- Publishing

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What clients say about us?

It is not for nothing that compelling local, national and international companies and individuals for many years committed Köster Advocaten to think, to advise or litigate.

What can we offer you?

Prevention and Education

Do you have a lot of time and money into building a brand? Have you developed a new product or service? Optimal protection of intellectual property is of great importance. We would like to come to you to get to know you and your company, product or service and you make the possible protection of your intellectual property. Aware We can also give practical tips through interactive workshops.


Is a clothing design registered as a model? Is your (trade) name or slogan registered as a trademark? We can do some research here in trademark or design registers. Is your technical design, new and inventive? We can do research into the possibilities of applying for a patent.


Copies someone your design? Makes other unauthorized use of your brand or logo? Your product is counterfeit? Did someone hijacked your domain? Do you want to launch a new product? Or do you have an invention and want to protect it? Good advice on the (action) possibilities and impossibilities is customized. We advise oriented and practical. Your interests always come first. We advise you to protect, operate and maintain your intellectual property and related rights.


We have extensive experience and expertise in the drafting of contracts. A contract can be short and concise and comprehensive and detailed. Your wish is our command. We always deliver an appropriate contract, as shop in shop, licensing, supplier agreements, agency agreements, distribution agreements, franchise agreements, transfer deeds IP rights, contracts for professional services, cooperation agreements and confidentiality agreements.

Litigation and arrange

We also have extensive experience and expertise in the field of litigation. Our approach is characterized by a rapid, sharp and practical action in conflict resolution. Litigation is not a goal in itself, but an instrument to achieve maximum. Before you The maximum reach for you is paramount to us. Open and clear communication is essential.