Franchise Law

Franchise Law

The franchise law you have to deal with different jurisdictions: contract law, corporate law, intellectual property and tenancy make here include part of it.

Franchising is a form of cooperation in recent years more and more growing. Walk through any shopping, no matter what city, and the shops that are part of a franchise are present in majority: Bart Bakker, Gall & Gall, Barretos, Albert Heijn, Blokker, McDonalds, Intersport etc.

A franchise relationship is a special relationship. After all, the franchisee is different than a store manager, an employee of the franchise but an independent entrepreneur with all the rights and obligations thus go together. However, a franchisee must also conform to the franchise. Not for nothing, he acts under the big umbrella of the franchisor. At first glance you might think the best of both worlds; both self-employed - something the last few years, given the economic crisis takes an increasing flight - and also benefit from the knowledge and experience of a franchisor use. Nevertheless, we see as a lawyer that it often goes wrong in the relationship between franchisor and franchisee.

Our office has a team of franchise specialists with years of experience in advising both franchisors and franchisees. Our firm has expertise in the creation of a franchise organization, assisting collectives of franchisees, drafting and reviewing franchise agreements. In addition to this extensive consultancy is also litigated with great regularity.

Lawyers is affiliated with First Formula, the platform for franchisors and franchisees. Together with First Formula has Köster Advocaten an oracle set up where franchisors, but also to franchisees can address common questions daily. Themselves