Family Law

Family Law

Family law


Divorce is very often a stressful and sad process for everyone involved, especially for children. Due to the high emotions that you may be experiencing it is not easy to overlook the big decisions that you have to make. Our family law team has the experience to take these emotions into consideration, and can help you in your decision making process. For example, the decisions regarding residence and contact, or help you to come to a financial arrangement.


The law in this area is complex and rapidly changing because of society’s changing social mores and lifestyle choices. Our family lawyer and mediator works exclusively in the field of family law but we also have a variety of specialized lawyers in the field of business law, estate planning or labor law so we can offer you a broad service.


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Free consultation

Every Monday morning from 09.00 a.m. till 11.00 a.m. free consultation; ask for Amy Lamme (

A free consultation is also offered at our location in Hoofddorp, every Monday from 16:00 till 17:30 hours. Please contact Marleen van der Velde at 023-5125025 to sign up for this free consultation.



Our family team offers legal assistance in the fields mentioned below:

  • Divorce, civil partnership and separation:
    • Financial matters
    • Spousal maintenance
    • Mediation
    • Appeal/Supreme Court procedure
  • Children matters:
    • Child maintenance
    • Custody, contract and information
    • Parenting Plan
    • Origin, recognition, judicial determination of paternity and adoption
  • Other family law:
    • Lesbian parenting / adoption
    • Guardian for minor children
    • Law of first and surnames
    • Guardianship, administration and mentoring
    • Laws of inheritance, estate, last will and testament


When getting divorced you can try to resolve family disputes and/or make arrangements regarding the children, finances and other personal matters. If you are unable to reach an arrangements, then it is necessary to turn to the court.