Cassation is a specialty
Against judgments and decisions in the highest actual instance are highlighted, appeal may be lodged with the Supreme Court. An appeal to the Supreme Court begins with a cassation petition or appeal summons. This should include the means of appeal are included. On the basis of the grounds of appeal, the Supreme Court decides whether the contested decision, the law has been violated and whether the statement is understandable and sufficiently motivated. The cassation complaints contained in the medium, and the plaintiff has rightly suggested to cassation interest in his profession, then the contested decision annulled.

After the (sometimes short) term appeal exists (in principle) no possibility to submit. Cassation complaints to The case must be analyzed properly. Already within the appeal period
Plaintiffs and defendants to appeal to rely on a lawyer who is registered with the Supreme counter and co (the set for the appeal lawyers) quality requirements. For proceedings in cassation parties, required., In other words, a Supreme Court specialist
CASSATIE almost the whole field of civil law
Köster Advocaten this specialism in house. It can consequently advise its clients at all stages of the proceedings and represented. The Supreme Court practice Köster Advocaten has ample expertise in many areas of civil law.
We offer parties contemplating to submit to the Supreme court order for a quick scan, where we make a brief initial estimate of the probability of destruction in cassation. The fee for a quick scan varies, depending on the complexity and size of the file, from EUR 1.500, - to 2.000, -. Further price agreement is possible. Want a quick scan or are you looking for more information on this subject click here.
Customized advice and price
Should the case provide sufficient basis for an appeal, we provide below where appropriate, in consultation with the client (which is normally the lawyer in the actual bodies), a tailored, more extensive advice on the process, opportunities and progress of the cassation. The hourly rates of the employees in the appeal section shunting of EUR 220, - to 275, - (including office expenses of 6% VAT).
Close cooperation with lawyer in actual bodies
The investigation of the grounds for appeal and whether it is useful to conduct a defense in cassation we carry out in close consultation with the lawyer in the actual instances. He obviously reserves (after appeal) his own client. During the appeal process itself, we work closely with the attorney who has been asked. Us for the cassation procedure Should a need it then we are happy even afterwards, to provide assistance. At stake after appeal and referral,

Assistance in appeal

The work of a Supreme Court lawyer requires a thorough knowledge of the procedural apple. We are for that reason also been asked to contribute to the appeal procedure. It is also often proved useful to share your views, so that he may make a contribution from his expertise even before the commencement of the appeal period, when the cassation is not yet but already ahead casts its shadow in the picture someone with the eyes of a Supreme Court lawyer contribute to the appeal procedure and can anticipate the review of last resort. Our appeal is to this team well equipped.
Since July 1, 2012 to courts and tribunals of its own motion or at the request of the parties to the civil chamber of the Supreme Court a question of law to submit to the interpretation of a rule. For a question exists only space if certain strict conditions are met. Unless he refrains from answering the question, the Supreme Court allows parties the opportunity to make written comments. These comments may only be brought by a Supreme Court lawyer forward. Our team is happy to appeal to you with this.
Our Supreme Court practice is led by Johan den Hoed. He is a former employee of the Research Institute of the Supreme Court in an excellent position to assess whether a statement qualifies for appeal or whether it is useful in cassation to defend themselves, and to assist the parties. Appealed to In an appeal Hague office he gained further experience as a lawyer. He is in a wide range of issues occurred cassation lawyer and has recently Attorneys his practice continued. At Köster
Our department offers courses on appeal and cassation appeal.

Would you like more information about Supreme please contact Johan den Hoed by email, via 023 512 50 25 of via  06 50 88 56 98.

Would you like more information about Supreme please contact Johan den Hoed by email, via 023 512 50 25 of via  06 50 88 56 98.