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Employees are a company’s key assets. But the employer-employee relationship nevertheless frequently breaks down, especially in the absence of specific agreements. We can help you to clearly record such agreements in writing, to implement them in practice and to professionalise your HR policy. We’re also there for you, of course, if a conflict nevertheless occurs.

We act as your sparring partner, answering any questions you may have and helping you avoid problems. A short sparring session often suffices to identity the best approach. Prompt action is often required, particularly in cases involving incapacity for work or dismissal. We make that possible by being available at all times.

There are also collective aspects to employment law. Employee participation, for instance, but also collective bargaining agreements and pension schemes. The mandatory application of such schemes gives rise to significant risks that often remain hidden. Our Employment Law Team advises in this field on a daily basis, distilling complex issues into a practical approach.

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