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Monica van Ruitenbeek-Kossen

“I am solution-oriented and practical, but I do not necessarily seek solutions in compromise; I do not shy away from conflict if it leads to the right outcome.”

Monica van Ruitenbeek-Kossen specialises in Corporate Law and Insolvency Law, focusing on restructuring, financing and securities. Her area of expertise combines two worlds that she is passionate about: law and entrepreneurship. In order to optimally assist a client, she considers is essential to know that client’s business as well as the business owner. For a company facing financial difficulties, a restructuring may make it possible to continue the business in a slimmed-down version. On the other hand, a restructuring with a new funding round may offer a successful business the latitude to face a bright future.

“Advising in this field requires more than legal skills alone. It also calls for the ability to empathise and to understand a client’s business. Of what use is advice to a client if it cannot be properly fitted into the business operations or if it is not financially feasible? As a lawyer, I take that into account.”

Monica is a trustee and is regularly appointed in that capacity in bankruptcies by the Court of Noord-Holland. Her background as a trustee means that she is also well placed to view a case from the other side, from the perspective of a managing director, business owner or creditor that is suddenly faced with insolvency, or a potential restarter that sees opportunities in an insolvent company. Monica furthermore regularly litigates in the field of officers’ and directors’ liability and actio pauliana.

Monica studied both law and management, majoring in corporate law. She later supplemented her knowledge by completing the Insolvency Law for Trustees, Grotius Insolad and Financial Economics for Insolvency Lawyers courses. In the past, she was also a member of the development group for the Guidelines on Combating Insolvency Fraud of the Ministry of Security and Justice.