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Maarten Tanja

The rules are never of secondary importance in flexible employment relationships. The dynamics between the three parties also makes everything just that little bit different. That makes my specialist area so relevant.

Together with his team, flexible labour market specialist Maarten Tanja advises hundreds of secondment, temporary employment and payrolling companies on the strategic implementation of legislation and regulations. Regulations are particularly important in the employment agency sector, because labour and employment law are the products. That offers opportunities for employers, but also restricts their freedom. Maarten helps his clients to offer their customers added value by strengthening them in terms of knowledge and by offering them practical solutions. He helps companies reach a higher level by doing so. He is always on the same side of the table: his client is always the intermediary, never the host company or the employee. He is also frequently involved in mergers and acquisitions in the flexible labour market.

He combines his work in the legal profession with academic activities. Maarten publishes with some regularity on flexible employment relationships and he is also an editor for the Kluwer reference works “Flexibele Arbeidsrelaties” and “Arbeidsovereenkomst“, where he is responsible for the temporary employment relationship sections. That work has thoroughly expanded his knowledge of the field, Maarten indicates: “Viewing this area of the law from a distance gives rise to a deeper understanding.

Maarten Tanja started his legal career in 2001 at employers’ organisation ABU (Federation of Private Employment Agencies). He has been a lawyer since 2006.