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Linda Relouw

In contract law, the cooperation does not end when the contract has been written. I continue to act as my client’s sparring partner during the performance phase.

Linda Relouw has been a lawyer since 2008, specialising in contract law. She likes to contribute ideas, working together with business owners in expanding and organising their businesses. That’s why she likes to spar with her clients about the specifications of their products, the markets in which they operate and the opportunities and risks involved. Linda: “I like to think in terms of opportunities and have an inner drive to make the very best of a case or negotiations for my clients, bearing their commercial interests in mind”.

Linda also regularly litigates conflicts regarding contracts, often about their wording and interpretation. She then applies the lessons she has learned in drawing up new contracts.

In the field of contract law she specialises in commercial partnerships, such as distribution, franchise and agency relationships. She also works in the fields of e-commerce and privacy.

Linda Relouw has worked at Köster since early 2017. She previously worked for a niche firm specialising in franchise, among other fields. Linda has broad corporate law expertise and has advised and assisted companies for instance in the area of acquisitions. That experience is still of great use to her, also in the franchise practice. Linda completed the Dutch and International Contracting postgraduate course at the Grotius Academy with distinction. She is a member of the Distribution, Franchise and Agency Association (DFA).