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Jennifer Horsten

I am a constructive and reliable partner for my clients. I like to thoroughly familiarise myself with their interests and views. That includes clear communication, specific agreements and a pragmatic approach.

Jennifer Horsten has a consultancy and litigation practice, focusing on business owners. She frequently advises and assists her clients in dismissal procedures (individual dismissals, reorganisations and the removal from office of managing directors). She acts as a sparring partner and likes to view cases from her client’s perspective. Jennifer is particularly interested in flexible employment relationships. She is also regularly involved in mergers and acquisitions.

Jennifer maintains close contact with her clients. Her services are therefore tailored to her clients’ needs. A keen understanding of the business and the sector involved is essential. Her healthy dose of abstract reasoning skills allows Jennifer to quickly gain an understanding of a situation and to make the right associations. A diligent approach and critical attitude allow her to provide methodical and pragmatic advice.

Jennifer has worked as a lawyer since 2013. In 2018, she successfully completed the Employment Law specialist course at Grotius Academy. She is a full member of the Dutch Association of Employment Lawyers (VAAN).