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Jan Koekkoek

What appeals to me in the cooperation with other disciplines, such as accountancy and HR, is that you learn to look at problems from different perspectives.

Having specialised in corporate law, Jan Koekkoek focuses primarily on acquisitions, reorganisations and liability. He has a special interest in the healthcare sector. In addition to his legal practice, Jan therefore does a great deal of administrative work in that sector, as a supervisory director in various sectors, varying from childcare to care for the elderly.

Jan is a true networker. He focuses on the broader perspective, with the intellectual challenge of solving a wide range of problems. His broad interests makes him a strategic sparring partner and advisor, who comes up with creative solutions for his clients.

Köster’s characteristic style suits him. Jan: “It is a direct, no-nonsense style. You do your clients no favour by sending them 20-page legal opinions. They must be given what they want – and preferably more than they expect”.

Jan Koekkoek is a partner and focuses on corporate law. In addition to his work as a lawyer, he is an executive board member of Stichting Vrijwaard and Stichting Alphen op één lijn, and chairman of the Complaints Committee of Stichting Triversum, the Centre for Child and Youth Psychiatry.