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Hans Koets

Every case is a contest, in which you apply the legal rules meticulously and creatively; that requires strategic skills.

As a driven litigation lawyer, Hans Koets focuses primarily on corporate law. He consequently also deals with many aspects of procedural law, where knowhow and strategy converge: the assessment by the court, the challenge of the defence and the persuasive power required. This fascinating combination was the reason why Hans pursued this profession.

Hans has gained broad experience in fraud-related cases in his legal career. Legal substantiation often does not suffice; that is why he also engages forensic experts to substantiate or refute a claim. Because all the facts must be correct. That is why he actively helps in this search. Hans: “It is very important to set sail using not only the client’s compass. As a lawyer, you must demonstrate your added value.”

This approach means that a wide range of companies frequently request Hans’s advice. The diversity of the legal issues that those companies face is the reason why this field continues to fascinate him.

On completing his law studies, Hans worked for four years as a lawyer in Nieuwegein. In 1986 he founded the law firm of Köster and Smit together with John Köster and Raymond Smit. Hans is also active outside his work; he plays hockey and enjoys running marathons.