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Fenna van Dorsser

I have the analytical skills, a fascination with rules of law from different jurisdictions, can write well and convincingly, and have commitment to bring your case to a successful conclusion. I also keep my feet in the mud myself, because I am a better cassation lawyer by having a factual practice.

Fenna van Dorsser is a lawyer at the Supreme Court. As an all-round civil lawyer, Fenna conducts a broad cassation practice, covering employment law, privacy law, intellectual property law (IP), wrongful publications/broadcasting, insolvency law, property law and civil procedural law. Fenna is also at home in other civil-law areas. As a cassation lawyer, Fenna is often engaged by lawyers at other law firms to contribute ideas in appeal proceedings, thereby increasing the chances of success both on appeal and in cassation.

On completing her Master’s degree course in Business Law with honours at Erasmus University in 2010, Fenna started working as a (cassation) lawyer at a law firm in Rijswijk, where she conducted prominent cassation proceedings. After more than 11 years, she joined the cassation practice group and the litigation team at Köster Advocaten.

Fenna is a board member of the Association of Civil Cassation Lawyers (VCCA). She regularly consults with the Supreme Court judges in that capacity. Fenna also publishes and lectures on a regular basis.

Fenna’s clients value her legal expertise, commitment and practical approach. She is known for her fast response and clear advice.