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Elma Vos

Elma works for the Corporate Law and Insolvency Law teams. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in Law and a master’s degree in Private Law at the University of Amsterdam. Elma also studied Economics at the University of Amsterdam, after which she also obtained a master’s degree in Finance there. On completion of her studies, the law was ultimately closest to her heart. She wrote her master’s thesis on cross-border restructurings in the light of the Mobility Directive.

Corporate law and, in particular, insolvency law fit in perfectly with her two studies. Her numerical insight and substantive legal knowledge allow her to analyse issues quickly. They give her the tools to make the link between the figures in question and their impact on the legal assessment: valuable qualities for the issues that she deals with in the Corporate Law and Insolvency Law teams.

Elma completed a two-month traineeship at Köster in January 2022 and started working as a legal assistant in January 2023.