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Elianne Vroege-Scheffers

I am an accessible and dedicated lawyer who does not shy away from using complex methods to achieve a (simple) practical solution. I have been representing most of my clients for years, so I know their organisations well and a relationship of trust has been established. That makes it easy for me to take a flexible approach and is beneficial to my work.

Elianne Vroege-Scheffers is an employment lawyer with a broad consultancy and litigation practice. Her work covers all aspects of employment law, focusing on HR-related issues, such as the drafting and amendment of employment conditions, reorganisations, dismissals and sickness. By extension, she represents her clients in proceedings concerning the obligation to continue to pay salary, imposed on employers by the UWV (Employee Insurance Agency) for failure to make adequate rehabilitation efforts (objection and appeal proceedings and application to reduce the period of the continued salary payments).

Elianne is known for her personal (informal) approach and flexible attitude. She is a dedicated lawyer who in most cases establishes a long-term relationship with her clients. That long-term relationship allows her clients to contact her to answer all kinds of legal questions, and her knowledge of the organisation allows her to provide them with practical advice. That makes her not only a conflict solver, but also a sparring partner who helps to raise the organisation to a higher level.

Elianne has worked in employment law since 2012 and has been a lawyer since 2013. She completed the Employment Law specialist course at Grotius Academy in 2018. She is a member of the Dutch Association of Employment Lawyers (VAAN), the Dutch Employment Law Association (VvA) and the Amsterdam Association of Employment Lawyers (Vaaa). She is also registered as an employment law specialist in the Register of Legal Practice Areas of the Netherlands Bar Association.