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Dirk Lange

Corporate law concerns business disputes, while companies are always managed and represented by people. I am fascinated by this area of tension between commerce and emotion.

Dirk Lange is a specialist in corporate law and focuses on disputes between shareholders. He has always had a keen interest in business and management. In the five years before he joined Köster, Dirk worked for a niche firm that focuses primarily on corporate law. He gained a great deal of experience there in the fields of mergers and acquisitions, corporate litigation and commercial litigation.

He has also frequently litigated before the Enterprise Court. The Enterprise Court not only assesses disputes between two parties, but also considers the interest of the company and the other parties involved in the dispute. Dirk finds this complexity challenging and very interesting from an intellectual point of view: “You operate in an entirely different spectrum: strategy is key. My experience gives me a keen understanding of the process, which I can put to optimal use in my client’s interest”.

Dirk Lange has worked at Köster since early 2017. He worked for several financial institutions during his Private Law studies. After graduating in 2009, he started to work as a lawyer and trustee at De Breij Evers Boon until the end of 2016. Dirk is a member of the Corporate Litigation Association and the Dutch Association for Procedural Law. He completed the Company Law and Corporate Law specialist course at the Grotius Academy in 2014.