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Archana Mahabiersing

Both litigating and attachment and enforcement proceedings go way beyond merely applying the law. Strategy, creativity and timing are at least as important.

Archana Mahabiersing started her career as a lawyer in 2013 and specialises in procedural law. She is also in charge of the Attachment and Execution Law Team within the litigation practice group.

Litigation involves more than merely pleading a case on the basis of legal knowledge; it requires strategic and astute thinking. That’s where Archana’s added value comes into play: “There are many procedural means of influencing the course of a case. You must use them carefully and creatively to achieve the best result for your clients.”

Archana is a real go-getter: single-minded and persistent. She has a real winner’s mentality. Qualities that fit her role as a litigator perfectly.

Archana was chair of the board of the Vereniging Jonge Balie Noord-Holland (Young Bar Association of Noord-Holland) until February 2018. She successfully completed the Dutch and International Contracting specialist course at Grotius Academy in 2019.

Archana has been a board member of the Vereniging van incasso- en procesrechtadvocaten (Association of Debt Collection and Litigation Lawyers), the (only) litigation specialists association within the Dutch Bar Association, since 2021.

Archana is a passionate football fan and a member of the board of the supporters association of her favourite football club.