Dreef 22, a building with history

Dreef 22, a building with history

The building in neo-Renaissance style is not a listed building, however it is characteristic: Dreef 22 in Haarlem, you may know it as the Office of Köster Advocaten. The building in the Haarlemmerhout has a long history. Until the late nineteenth century the meadow was here. That is changing as the municipality of Haarlem bought the land - at the time known as the Hazepatersveld (Father Haze Field) - in 1873 as a land purchase from the Mennonite Church, the owner. That same year J.D. and L.P. Zocher develop a construction plan that was approved and in the years of 1876 and 1877 the first houses appear in this area. They are mainly terraced houses and villas. The first detached house is the one at Dreef 22, slightly recessed from the road.

Construction before 1883
It is not certain, however the building must have been built before 1883. The first Haarlem chronicles about Dreef 22 are those of 1904/1905. In this book Mr. A.H. Philipse was listed as the owner. We are not certain, but probably he was a lawyer or civil notary.

In 1905 Mr. Philipse renovated the building. The covered area was increased to 245 m2. Also the stairs to the hall are dated from that era. Until the data from the Address Book 1911/1912 Mr. Philipse remained the occupant. In 1921, new residents are mentioned. Much later, in 1934, the building was used by the Catholic High School for Girls, the forerunner of today's Sancta Maria. They stay there until 1961. In that year the Agricultural and Horticultural Association LTB bought the building at Dreef 22. The LTB will remain there until 1995. In 1995 the audit and consultancy firm KPMG became the new user. In 2000 Köster Advocaten appears on the scene as the current user. Mr. A.H. Philipse, the occupant of the property in the early eighties of the nineteenth century, has been joined by approximately 30 colleagues!

Thanks to the Historische Vereniging Haerlem (Historical Society Haarlem), Mrs. M. Vroom,