Corporate Social Responsibility
Köster Advocaten has a sustainable policy in the field of CSR. This policy has three pillars, namely People, Planet and Profit. As a company we make conscious choices to achieve a good balance between People, Planet and Profit. Making profit is not an end in itself. We want a lasting contribution to a sustainable society. We focus on new (market) opportunities, growth and profitable innovation for people, environment and society. How do we make this happen?

Köster Advocaten provide a certain part of her pro bono expertise to charitable causes. Köster Advocaten is actively involved in a project in Zimbabwe with Lawyers Without Borders. It is important that each individual has a right of access to justice in the broadest sense. This is precisely the objective of Lawyers Without Borders. In Zimbabwe, there is a bad state with the rule of law. Through various projects in the fields of education, legal assistance and children, we try to contribute with Lawyers Without Borders to improve the rule of law in Zimbabwe.

SportSupport is an organization which actively provides information, give advice, organise and give support in the field of sport in Haarlem and surroundings for over ten years in the broadest sense. Our office provides free primary legal advice.

Köster Advocaten provides free primary legal advice to entrepreneurs in the Waarderpolder in the field of employment law.

Support Pillar Openluchttheater Carprera Bloemendaal
For Köster Advocaten culture is important and therefore we are a sponsor of Openluchttheater Carprera Bloemendaal.

In our legal services, we are committed to the environment. We reduce paper consumption by duplex copying and strive for paper reduction. If there is a lunch surplus it goes to the homeless shelter of the Salvation Army in Haarlem. Köster Advocaten also encourages the use of office bicycles.

Köster Advocaten has a good education in high esteem. The lawyers regularly provide guest lectures and workshops. Köster Advocaten has a partnership with the Nova College Haarlem and in that context provides placements for students of the Nova College.