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About Köster

Köster DNA

Köster consists of a versatile combination of experienced and young lawyers, who also have specific joint characteristics, such as commitment, ingenuity and a winner’s mentality.

We focus on the franchise, fashion, ICT & privacy and flexible employment relationships sectors. As these sectors change continually, the rules also change, as well as our roles as lawyers. We are well aware of this. We demand a lot of ourselves to remain “the ideal law firm of today”. We have opted for specific sectors and industries, and therefore invest in specific knowledge and expertise. That allows us to avoid problems for our clients before they arise and gives us a keen understanding of our clients and their sectors.

We are always open to new ideas. We even expect of our staff that they offer each other new viewpoints and sharply debate them.


We are genuine, confident professionals who are passionate about our clients and our areas of expertise. Providing our clients with added value is our prime motivation. We like to take things one step further. We wish to contribute to our partners’ businesses together with those partners. And we don’t just say that out of politeness, but because we are business owners too.


We are experts in converting complex legal and other issues into concrete advice and solutions. Fast and practical. That may seem simple, but to make that conversion you must first master the trade. And we have done so.


We believe in long-term relationships. We are in it for the long run, not for the hit-and-run. We wish to invest in our relationships, because experience has taught us that doing so produces the greatest impact for our clients in the long term and gives us the most satisfaction.

We firmly believe in the energising effect of focussing on opportunities. We are always in search of solutions, also pro-actively. This creates momentum, energy and impact. We are not yes men or risk avoiders.

We are in it together with you. We are honest and straightforward and will go through fire and water for you, if necessary. If that approach doesn’t suit you, you will have to find a more traditional lawyer.

Close working relationship

We are the kind of lawyers who want to know what our clients are doing. Not just out of interest or curiosity, but because we believe that a better understanding of our clients allows us to offer them even better and broader legal services. We always ask ourselves what value we can add and what role we can play in promoting our clients’ interests.

We work closely with our clients and are easy to talk to. We believe this broad approach makes a real difference.


We are thought leaders. Our insights, opinions and ideas keep us at the forefront and allow us to shape the public debate of important issues.

We have developed the Link approach: we not only advise and litigate when a conflict arises, but also prevent problems at an early stage while learning from previous experiences. A cyclic process, in which the law is always a means to an end, but never an end in itself. In which we are in closer contact with our clients than most lawyers. And which allows our clients to do what they’re good at. We map out the best strategy together with our clients.


We bring people together. We create platforms on which our partners, our clients and we ourselves come together. An approach that leads to meaningful partnerships and sustainable growth.

CSR Köster

Köster applies a sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility strategy. It is built on three pillars, namely People, Planet and Profit. As a law firm, we make considered choices to achieve a sound balance between those three pillars. We do not regard making a profit as an end in itself. We wish to make a sustainable contribution to a sustainable society. We do so by focussing on new opportunities, growth and innovation that benefit people, the environment and society.