Our office

Our office

hy Köster Advocaten?

Köster Advocaten has specialists in many jurisdictions. Especially for businesses, we have much expertise in a number of relevant business disciplines: corporate law, employment law, tort law, bankruptcy law, intellectual property, antitrust and real estate law.

Through our extensive experience with clients from the industry, we quickly get to the matter. We assist, advise, anticipate and - if necessary – go to court. Not only in the Netherlands but also in some major exporting countries. With our expertise, we are an excellent alternative to large law firms. Especially when you consider the price/quality ratio.

How do we work?
For Köster Advocaten personal approach is very important. You have a contact person: usually one of the partners who knows your company and your problems through and through. And who is always accessible. Because of that involvement and direct lines time or information will not be lost. Therefore, we work quickly. The personal approach will also ensure a consistently high level of service.

Regarding the pricing, we are more than a competitive alternative to the largest firms in the country. And you want maximum security for your legal expenses? Then we offer you the option of a fixed fee for our services.

For Köster Advocaten, we pride ourselves on long-term relationships. Periodic consultations will provide opportunities to anticipate all sorts of situations. Prevention is better than cure is  particularly important in the profession as a lawyer.

As an entrepreneur, you are not getting an advice of ten pages. No expensive presentations or unnecessary procedures. But what can you expect from us? Köster Advocaten will not make the problem more difficult than it is. We are proactive and will not always walk the familiar path. We are fast, practical and thorough.

Who do we work for?
Köster Advocaten prefers entrepreneurs. Our customers are large, nationally operating companies, but we also work for regional clients in the SME and entrepreneurial individuals.

Industry associations also do more and more appeal to our office. Through the combination of expertise and acting decisively, we have great potential to work as an extension of trade associations and to help out that organization or its members when they seek legal support.

Our service does not stop at the border. We also offer legal expertise if your business is spread over several countries. Köster Advocaten is affiliated with LEGUS, an international network of independent law firms with offices in all EU countries, all U.S. states, Central and South America, and in the Far East.